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Haji Akbar: the fact and trust


NO congregation that flood the House pilgrimage in Mecca would be times when the double effect Haji Akbar. - Picture

EACH time when the days fall on the day wuquf Friday, the public interpret this as Islam Haji Akbar. This may be based on the day wuquf Messenger when Farwell Hajj, which is also valid on Friday.

The word Haji Akbar called in the al-Quran that means: And (This is) a statement of Allah and His messenger to mankind in the day that Haji Akbar Allah and His Messenger innocent people than the idolaters. Then, if ye (idolaters people) repent, repent So it is better for you, and if you turn away, then know that ye can not frustrate Allah. Beritakanlah and to the unbelievers (that they will get) seksa the sting. (at-Taubah: 3)

The Mufassirin (expert commentary) opinions differed on the definition of Haji Akbar, who said the day Nahar, said the day of `Arafah.

Most Mufassirin such as Ibn kathir, al Sa'diyy, al Syanqitiyy, al Qurtubiyy and al Tabariyy states tend Haji Akbar is the feast day or pilgrimage Nahar.

So even though the definition of Haji Akbar in this paragraph is a pilgrimage that occurred in the ninth Hijrah. No expert commentary that the opinion Akbar Hajj is the Pilgrimage wuqufnya fall on Friday.

Haji Akbar

Most experts fikah or Jumhur Fuqaha opinion Haji Akbar is the day Nahar or Hari Raya Haji. This is because the majority of practices such as pilgrimage throw in Jamratul unsuccessful, bergunting, circumambulated Ifadhah and saie first ditunaikan the congregation pilgrimage in the day Nahar.

Leaders of fiqh in the Syafiee sect, Imam al Nawawiy states: "Humaid said the day is a day Nahar Haji Akbar, this is because qaul Abi Hurairah, that He by al-Bukhari and Muslim in both legitimate .... This is because most manasik done on the day, while those who said Haji Akbar is the day of `Arafah their berhujahkan Hadith '` Arafat is the Pilgrimage' but Kareena Hadith reject this view.

Al-Qadhi 'Ayyadh menukilkan the sect, according to Haji Akbar Malik is the day Nahar, whereas according to the sect Syafiee is the day of `Arafah.

Reality is the reverse of what he reveal, even Syafiee sect and is Ashabnya day Nahar as wallahu called 'natural.

Shamsuddin al Sarkhasiyy a leader of the Hanafi sect stated: "the circumambulated harmonious Hajj pilgrimage, and he is Haji Akbar takwil on the word of God: Taubah advent of the third paragraph. These are the days Nahar. "

Fuqaha Maliki also said the same thing, whether Muhammad ibn Yusuf said: "Malik said: Nahar day is the day Haji Akbar."

In the al Mughniyy 'style Mukhtasar Al Kharqiy a masterpiece in the Hanbali sect: clauses: Today is the day Haji Akbar Nahar, has graying Indeed, the Messenger in the day with Nahar said, "This is the day Haji Akbar."

So called because of the many practices that ditunaikan pilgrimage on the day wuquf from the Masy'ar, contrary to Mina, throw, slaughter, shave, and ifadhah circumambulated return to Mina to spend the night ... "

Based on the above explanation clearly to us that Haji Akbar fuqaha according to the four main sects in Islam is the Day Nahar.

Haji Akbar, according to muhaddithin

Here dinukilkan some views regarding the Muhaddithin Haji Akbar.

-According to Muhammad ibn 'Ali al Shaukaniyy: "Sabdanya: (Day Nahar), namely the day Haji Akbar, according to the view that legitimate in the sect Syafiee, Malik and Ahmad ..."

Abu-al 'Ala al Mubarakfuriyy states: "Already famous among the public when the day of` Arafah falls on a Friday, on pilgrimage is the Hajj Akbar, no origin in this view. Razin was correct hand of Talhah bin Ubaidullah bin Karz in mursal: "The best day is when the day of` Arafah falls on a Friday, he more than 70 times the main pilgrimage in the day other than Friday, "such as that found in the Herbal Medicine 'And he Fawaid al Hadith mursal is that I did not find isnadnya. "

According to al-Zarqaniyy also: "...( after he mentions the Hadith Razin) ... al Hafiz has to perform and stated: I do not know the case because he did not mention the two friends who narrate this Hadith, and not mentakhrijnya ... .. and in the essay Hadyu Ibn al Qayyim al: What is the tongue of the public who on the day wuquf rival 72 times Friday pilgrimage is a false history / vanity is not there originally from the dawn is not from any friend or Tabiein. "

Al-Imam Ibn Hajar Al-Hadith Asqalaniyy when mensyarahkan said the decline in the advent of the revelations of Allah, al-Maaidah paragraph 3 mean: On this day I have ... It, he said with: "... Hadithic this proposition to be on the day wuquf idiosyncrasy Friday contrasted with other day-to-day, because Allah SWT has chosen messenger for the best and practices that glorious with the glory of the place and time. Friday is also the best day of the week, because at one time that there are efficacious in prayer even more so for the qaul he said after asar.

The Hadith is called the marfu by Razin 'in the Jami'nya: "The best day is when the day of` Arafah falls on a Friday, he more than 70 times the main pilgrimage in the day other than Friday. I do not know the case because he did not mention the two friends who narrate this Hadith, and not mentakhrijnya ... whole of both its advantages, he mensabitkan with that, Wallahu 'natural. "

Based on the views that were presented clearly to us that mengHaji akbarkan wukuf on Friday is a day that does not have a strong principle. However, the surplus on the day wuquf Friday is a crescent and recognized.


This brief display shows the reality Haji Akbar come in every year with the coming days Nahar namely Hari Raya Haji.

He was a great and glorious with the majesty of the practice of pilgrimage and sacrifice made by Islam in the day.

Wuquf on Friday also is a distinction that is very big because he concentrate priority wuquf day and Friday in addition to the priority of worship in the `Arafat. Wallahu 'nature.

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